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4x4 / Zero Gravity Dreidel / 2nd Temple Technology
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3x4 / Zero Gravity Dreidel Game For Windows / 1st Temple Technology

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System Requirements:
PC with Windows XP
OpenGL 1.4x or Higher Drivers
Good Gaming CPU*
Good 3D Graphics Card*

*  Note that game performance is
dependant on CPU and Graphics
Card Capabilities.

Installation and Instructions
The Virtual Dreidel Game takes playing Dreidel to a new level of
entertainment and technology. The download of this game is a
prototype version and is under continued development. While the
game is being made available for free, please remember that this
is not public-domain, and the game, models, graphics, and designs
are copyrighted by the authors. By downloading the software, you agree
not to disassemble or use any of the program or supporting files,
in whole or in part, without specific written permission of the

ABS Sold Drediel Model
ABS Solid Dreidel Model

The 3D Dreidel was conceptualized and designed by Larry Lantz. His original model was digitized in 3D format by Bob Cohn. This design was then reconfigured for actual production by Larry Lantz. The "Mechanical Drive System" was engineered by Don Casterline.

The image above is a 3D rendering of the actual ABS model as produced in-house by A. Rifkin Co., of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Don's design allows for an actual working dreidel which is gear driven and spins on the attached base.

Click on the "Interactive 3D" link below to view an interactive 3D view of this model.
View Model in Interactive 3D
For more Dreidel Information, contact Larry Lantz by email.

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